Officers and Directors


It is time to submit your nominations for the 2020-2021 RCAT Officer and Board of Director positions. Next year's Board will be announced during the annual business meeting. The 2020 Conference had to be rescheduled due to COID-19 so our meeting will take place via Zoom Video Conference on Thursday November 5th. This meeting is open to the entire membership.

We need nominations from the membership for:
- four regular Board of Directors positions, who will serve three-year terms;
- one Officer position that will serve on the Executive Committee for a five-year term starting with Vice President. This position will be voted into office by ballot of the nominees received.

Keep in mind that an Officer nomination must have already served at least one year on the Board of Directors to be eligible. All nominees must be RCAT members in good standing and have not already served more than two consecutive terms on the Board.

Associate positions on the Board are appointed by the Board and not elected, so there is no need to nominate Associate members.

The Nominating Committee, chaired by President-Elect, A.J. Huckaby will make selections for Board positions and present them to the Board of Directors for approval. The Nominating Committee will also prepare the new slate of officers for an electronic ballot, to be presented to the membership for vote, no less than 15 days prior to the annual meeting.

All nominations will be given fair and equal consideration, and you are encouraged to participate in helping shape the leadership of your association. ALL nominations must be received by 5:00PM on September 4, 2020.



Board members whose terms have not expired and will continue to serve the RCAT membership are as indicated with an *asterisk below.


2019-2020 OFFICERS

Past-President: Brad Jones, CRRL Rooftime General Contractors

President: *Larry Brown, CRRL, Stay Dry Roofing, LLC

President-Elect: *AJ Huckaby, RRL, Springtree Restoration, LLC

Secretary-Treasurer: *Richard Koetter, CRL, Armored Roofing Co., Inc.

Vice President: *Ty Smith, CRRL, Smith & Ramirez, LLC


2019-2020 DIRECTORS

Darlene Lee, CRRL, Gill Roofing Company

Dave Custable, CRRL, TriVAN Roofing & Waterproofing, LLC

Shawn Michael, Lon Smith Roofing

Mikee Eldridge, CRRL, Eldridge Roofing & Restoration

*Holly Green, CRRL, Brettco Roofing

*Dean Torres, CRL, Kirtley & Sons Contracting, Inc.

*Health Hicks, CRRL, AVCO Roofing

*Ronnie McGlothlin, Empire Roofing

*Chris Bradbury, Roofing & Restoration Services of America

*John Valentine, Valentine Premier Construction

*Erica Escobedo, Argio Roofing & Construction

*Robert Jordan, CRRL, RJ Construction

*Jeanne Curtis, Boyd, Inc.

*Don Bassett, CRRL, D. Bassett Roofing & Renovations


Associate Directors

Chris Arriaga, Sentry Building Products

Derik Kline, Hail Trace

Jim Johnson, ContractorCoachPro

Pete Siebert, Southern Shingles

*James Saunders, Gulfeagle Supply

*Mike Bottoms, IB Roof Systems



TPRCA (Panhandle Chapter -Amarillo) - Chris Rhynehart, CRRL, Rhynehart Roofing, Inc.

AARCA (Abilene Area Chapter) - Mark Hart, Barr Residential Roofing

HARCA (Houston Area Chapter) - Carl Smith, CRRL, Ernie Smith & Sons Roofing

LARCA (Lubbock Area Chapter) – Robert Proffitt, CRRL, ABF Roofing and Foam

NTRCA (North Texas Chapter) – Paul Ramon, RRL, Ramon Roofing, Inc.

CTRCA (Central Texas Chapter) - Melanie Knox, Alden Roofing Co., LLC



Sarah Ramon (Burns), Executive Director

Bailey Burns, Administrative Specialist

Melissa Shaffer, Membership & Licensing Director