Officers and Directors

2017-2018 Officers

President: Sherri Johnson McDonald, CRRL, Johnson Roofing Company

Past-President: Chris Rhynehart, CRRL, Rhynehart Roofing, Inc.

President-Elect: Brad Jones, CRRL Rooftime General Contractors

Vice President: Craig Rainey, CRL, Supreme Roofing Systems

Vice President: Shawn Michael, Lon Smith Roofing

Vice President: Larry Brown, CRRL, Stay Dry Roofing, LLC

Secretary-Treasurer: Chuck Giffin, CRRL, Texas State Roofing Company

2017-2018 Directors

AJ Huckaby, RRL, Springtree Roofing & Restoration, LLC

Adam Buttorff, CRRL, Renown Roofing and Construction

Darlene Lee, CRRL, Gill Roofing Company

Richard Koetter, CRL, Armored Roofing Co., Inc.

Charles Cross, CIM Roofing

Dustin Guess, CRRL, Absolute Roofing & Waterproofing 

Emily Giffin, State Roofing Company

Chris Evans, K Post Company

Danny Mendez, Beldon Roofing & Remodeling

Dave Custable, TriVAN Roofing & Waterproofing, LLC

Irene Haeber, CRRL, Haeber Roofing Company

Ty Smith, CRRL, Smith & Ramirez, LLC

Associate Directors

Patrick Berridge, Berridge Manufacturing

Chris Arriaga, Sentry Building Products

Jim Johnson, ContractorCoachPro

Bob Ashley, West End Roofing, Siding & Windows (a Beacon Company)

Charles Collins, ABC Supply Company

Rusty Garrett, Polyglass USA

Regional Chapter Directors

TPRCA (Panhandle Chapter -Amarillo) - Chris Rhynehart, CRRL, Rhynehart Roofing Inc.

AARCA (Abilene Area Chapter) - Gary Day, CRRL, Clear Fork Roofing

HARCA (Houston Area Chapter) - John Giffin, CRRL, State Roofing Company

BARCA (Border Chapter -El Paso) - OPEN

ETRA (East Texas Chapter) - Heath Hicks, CRRL, AVCO Roofing

LARCA (Lubbock Area Chapter) – Cody Kelley, CRRL, Barr Residential Roofing

NTRCA (North Texas Chapter) – Holly Green, CRRL, Brettco Roofing II, LP

CTRCA (Central Texas Chapter) - Melanie Knox, Alden Roofing Co., LLC

RCAT Business Office

Sarah Burns, Executive Director

Melissa Shaffer, Membership & Licensing Director

Bailey Burns, Administrative Specialist

Jill Mentone, Events Administrator