Scholarship Program

Download the Scholarship Program break room flyer to notify your employees!


Scholarship Deadline:  Scholarship Applications must be postmarked by April 30, 2018.  Application and all required documents should be sent to the RCAT office by Return Receipt Requested mail.

Who is Eligible for the Annie Born / Jan P. Thomas Memorial Scholarship Fund?

If your company is a member in good standing of RCAT (manufacturer, distributor, roof consultant, insurance, law firm, architect or roofing contractor) ALL employees of your company's children are eligible to apply for the scholarship fund when enrolled in college. This includes the counter salesman, the secretary, the roofing foreman, or anyone in any position within your firm.


Three (3) $5,000.00 scholarships to be awarded! The scholarship will be sent to the bursar of the college or university for disbursement where the recipient will do his or her undergraduate work.


-Current RCAT members in good standing, owners, employees and their children.

-Must be a US Citizen or permanent resident.

-Must be at least a graduating high school senior.

-Must be enrolled in college as a full-time student (carrying 12 hours or more). Practicing professionals, students pursuing second degrees or attending extended day, night school, part-time, special weekend or other non-traditional degree programs are not eligible.

Congratulations 2017  Scholarship Winners! And THANK YOU Corporate Sponsors, ABC Supply, Southern Shingles and Beacon Roofing Supply for making it possible to award an additional EIGHT $1,000 Awards in 2017!

$5,000 Award Recipients:

Liliana Guerrero attending Texas A&M University
Affiliated Member Company: Sechrist-Hall Company

Robert Amar attending Stephen F. Austin University
Affiliated Member Company: ABC Supply

Samuel Lewallen attending Oklahoma State University
Affiliated Member Company: Johns Manville


$1,000 Award Recipients:

Ada Coronado attending Texas State Techincal College
Affiliated Member Company: Sechrist- Hall

Austin Haveman attending L.R. Scarborough College at Southwestern Thelogical Seminary
Affiliated Member Company: Pitts Roofing

Hunter Hampton attending Texas Tech University
Affiliated Member Company: Outback Roofing

Isaiah Medina attending Dallas Baptist University
Affiliated Member Company: Beldon Roofing Company

Kaitlyn Vinson attending Southwestern University
Affiliated Member Company: Amtech Business Solutions

Kemerly Dexter attending University of Texas
Affiliated Member Company: Westend Roofing

Taylor Bainter attending Texas State University
Affiliated Member Company: Westend Roofing

Victoria Gilbert attending Austin College
Affiliated Member Company: Westend Roofing

REMINDER that all scholarship applications must be postmarked and sent return receipt certified mail by April 30, 2018. Please contact the RCAT office for more information.