On top of the amazing perks you already experience as an RCAT member, we are excited to announce new benefits through our partners at AffordaCare® Insurance and 360 Wealth Planners!


Our AffordaCare® Insurance partnership offers our members deeply discounted major medical pricing through our association. Beginning immediately, you and your employees will have access to a fully insured plan made for RCAT professionals in the construction and roofing industry. NO MINIMUM PARTICIPATION REQUIRED.

  • Up to $1 million in protection from new injuries and new illnesses, per member
  • Choose any doctor or provider
  • Year-round open enrollment
  • No contract
  • Massive discount when paid annually – 30-40%
  • Unlimited doctor office visits, wellness and urgent care copays
  • Annual preventive exam, per member
  • Unlimited telemedicine calls at $0 per call
  • Voluntary participation – offer access to benefits without paying any money as a company
  • Huge perk for recruiting, retaining and attracting talent

Contact: 800-291-5279 or email

AffordaCare® Insurance Brochure

AffordaCare® Insurance vs Other Insurance Providers

Champion Health Brochure

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We have partnered with 360 Wealth Planners to offer their expertise as “Retirement Plan Consultants” to help you establish a retirement plan or evaluate the one you currently offer. 360 Wealth Planners is focused on reducing your taxes and improving employee retention. RCAT has negotiated discounts of up to 33% for their expertise.

Some key things to know are:

  • One size DOES NOT fit all – 360WP are independent consultants with no proprietary products who work with dozens of 401k, Pension, and Simple IRA providers to shop for the best service, pricing, and quality.
  • Pay the IRS LESS, pay yourself MORE – In addition to a 401k, they offer advanced retirement strategies that can increase pre-tax savings to over $250,000 per owner.
  • For new plans, there are discounted start-up costs. Plus, information on IRS Tax Credits given for the first 3 years of establishing a plan.
  • For existing plans – They offer a 21-point check system to evaluate the plan in 5 key areas as well as verify if it is meeting the strict criteria of the Department of Labor.
  • Shield you from liability – 360WP will operate as an investment co-fiduciary which is above and beyond a ‘broker’ relationship. As a co-fiduciary, they help shield liability from the owners/company.
  • Retain and reward your people – Bonus them in a tax advantaged manner with a vesting schedule to incentivize them to remain with the company.
  • Promote Financial Wellness – They offer education and financial programs to help your employees on a direct basis.
Contact: 972-421-1358 or email