Quick Steps to Get Licensed

Ready to get your Roofing Contractor License? Follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: Download the packet including the Program Guidelines and Application using the link found below. Verify your eligibility for licensing based on these guidelines. Contact the RCAT office with any questions 512-251-7690.


Step 2: Complete the licensing application and then sign it in front of a notary public. For faster processing and fewer errors, please type directly on the form (instead of hand writing the information) then print the document for signing.

Note: Initial company licensee must be a principal in a roofing company domiciled in the State of Texas for at least three continuous years immediately prior to the date of application. A principal is defined as one who is actively engaged in the day to day management of the business, and is also in one of the following categories: SOLE PROPRIETOR (Owner); PARTNERSHIP (managing partner, general partner, or partner with at least 25% ownership interest); CORPORATE EXECUTIVE OFFICER (officer or majority owner of voting stock).

Once a principal for the roofing company qualifies for Licensing, per all of the terms above, other company employees/managers are then qualified to apply for licensing (special terms apply so the application for managers is available by request to the licensing committee). Non-principal licensees or "Managers" are also required to apply, be qualified under the same process, and pass the exams.

Step 3: Mail the completed and notarized application form along with all the required documentation and full payment to the RCAT address found on the application form. Your application will not be processed without a COI and payment (if for some reason you are not approved, your payment will be promptly returned minus a $25 application processing fee).

Information regarding Workers Compensation Insurance and the Non-Subscribers Reporting Process can be found using the links below:

TDI - Workers Compensation Insurance Information Link

Information for Employers WITHOUT Workers Compensation Insurance

Step 4: Once the committee has approved your application, you will be notified via email and USPS. This approval email will contain the information you need to access the secure "Licensing Portal" section of this site. The Portal contains the preparation and study materials as well as instructions to take the online exams.

We also highly recommend that you purchase the NRCA Roofing Manual - 2020 Box Set from which the residential and commercial roofing exams are created (two weeks lead time is required for ordering). Specify on the application (line 20) if you want RCAT to order these reference materials for you.